Megan and Ray : San Francisco Engagement Session

I was pretty excited when I started chatting with Megan and Ray about what they wanted to do for their engagement session. One of their first suggestions was having me photograph them eating at their favorite Pho restaurant. I was thinking “Heck Yeah!” I really love it when portrait sessions have that personal touch. Our session became a little mini-tour of San Francisco starting at their home and going to a few spots that were special to them. Being able to document Megan and Ray going to their favorite places gave me a little more insight on the personalities of this amazing couple. They recently returned from a 14 month adventure around the world and it ended with a bang! You have to check out this amazing video that Ray produced: HERE. I can’t wait for their wedding in Lake Tahoe later this summer! Here are a few from our session:

4 Responses to “Megan and Ray : San Francisco Engagement Session”

  1. Wai Reyes says:

    Mmm, makes me hungry for pho! Great sesh, you guys!

  2. Jan says:

    Thanks Wai! Guess what we’re having for lunch? hahah

  3. jenna says:

    ok…crying from watching their video…love the photos, too. :D

  4. Ken says:

    Yes! Great work Jan and Tey. It must be easy when you’ve got J.Crew models like Ray and Megan to shoot, huh? ;)