The Story of Avery

So, we have a newborn baby. Same old story, but not really. This time around we have a little lady to add to the family. Avery Rose Garcia was born on June 2, 2011. We were hoping that she would be here sooner, but she really didn’t want to come out. So since Avery was way too comfy in Mommy’s tummy, Tey was scheduled for for a 9am Caesarian in Newport Beach. It was a surreal day.

The Story of Lucas – 6 years ago.

The Story of Nathan – 3.5 years ago.

07:00am – Dropped off Nathan at Preschool
07:30am – Checked in at the hospital for 9am surgery.
09:30am – Still waiting.
10:00am – Finally got into surgery prep.
10:45am – Anesthesia for Tey. Scrubs on for me.
11:08am – Avery. Healthy and perfect.
11:30am – Mommy into recovery. Doing well.
11:31am – Hanging out with my new little lady for a few hours.
02:00pm – Left my ladies to shoot a wedding. Sniff sniff.
08:00pm – Back to the hospital to smell my newly bathed baby girl.

Yup, I had to work the day my daughter was born. I know…craziness. I was a bit sad that I missed out on a few hours of her first day, but I’m just thankful that I was there when Avery was born. Very thankful. Thanks to the staff at Hoag Hospital for understanding and making sure Tey got into surgery before I had to leave. The drive over to the wedding was crazy as I had a million thoughts running around in my head. But I’m glad that it was an awesome event and that enabled me to immerse myself in my work at that time. I want to thank my good friend, Brandon Wong, for helping me out that day.

Avery is awesome. 7 lbs. 1 oz, 19 inches of cuteness. I loved it when the nurse exclaimed “Wow, she has brown hair!” “Yup, just like her mom and her brothers,” I replied. After a week, I could already tell that she is even tempered and will be a sweetheart. She is loud when she has to be but only cries for the obvious things. Easy to breastfeed (so I’ve heard) and easy to burp. She has been letting us sleep for 3-4 hour stretches and Mommy even has to wake her up to feed in the middle of the night. So far, so good. Thanks for being easy, little lady.

Tey is doing great. She is an amazing mom. She always places family first and I love her for that. I felt a little helpless when I was watching her in the operating room, but I just knew that she would be fine. She has a habit of always being there for us and this time was no different. It’s definitely something I never want to take for granted. Seeing Tey with Avery reminds me of everything that is good in my life. I am blessed.

We were also lucky to have my mom watch our two crazy little dudes while we were in the hospital. She is the constant in my life that lets me know that things will be ok. Our boys love spending time with “Mum” and we are very lucky to have her nearby.

The two boys are excited to have their little baby sister. I love how they are so proud and keep bragging to all their friends that “I have a baby sister!” It’s really sweet. Even though the two dudes are so loud and rambunctious, Avery sleeps through their craziness. She’s already an expert at ignoring her big brothers. I can already tell that Nathan will be Avery’s partner in crime and that Lucas will be the good big brother that she can depend on. I’m definitely looking forward to some fun times with my two little dudes and my new little dudette.

So, now, we are a family of five. New parents. Again. Ready to do it all over. Again. Same old story, but not really.

Mommy watching Avery being born.

First pic ever.

First pic with Mommy.

First pic with Grandma!

Lucas, the BIG big brother

Nathan, the partner in crime.

Finally Home.

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